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Getting Grounded and Open: Yoga for the Feet


Tru Yoga Rochester
696 South Ave 14620 Rochester United States
Through the feet we will find renewal and re-awaken our Soul through our Soles! It's time to take the socks off and enjoy a barefoot party!

In this class we will explore walking meditation, asana, creative movement and some partner play to get our bodies, minds and hearts to awaken for Summer.

When we open the feet, we open the whole body: We stand taller; we walk with more grace; we experience a deeper sense of groundedness on our own 2 feet, which radiates into our everyday life.

In Yoga, the feet are connected to the Root or Muladhara chakra, which relates to our feeling of connectedness with our Earth, our bodies and the people and world around us in the realm of safety, security and well-being. In Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the Root chakra would be the bottom of the triangle-- the foundation: our needs for food, clothing and shelter being met-- along with feeling like we have our "tribe"-- those around us that we feel safe and secure around-- those that get us!

No yoga experience needed for this workshop, just the urge to show your bare feet with gusto!

$30 / $25 Tru members