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ANTHOLOGY - 2 shows 7pm & 9pm $30@door or Clubpass
Born in Nashville, singer songwriter Kandace Springs makes no secret of the grand tradition to which she aspires. “Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Erykah Badu, Roberta Flack—you can hear the influences in her texture, tone, and enunciation, but it’s still original, it’s still me,” she says. “I love how they’re all themselves, vocally and visually, and just don’t care what other people think.”

The legendary artist Prince heard Kandace cover the Sam Smith song "Stay With Me" online and asked her to perform at Paisley Park on the weekend celebrating the 30 year anniversary of Purple Rain.

Kandace cites her father, a professional R&B singer, as her first inspiration. "My dad was always playing music in the house, in the car, singing in the mall…everywhere! He taught me how to harmonize, and I thought, 'Well this is it!'" Kandace recounts, "When I was a kid he gave me CDs of all the greats: Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Lauryn Hill… that's how I became inspired to be a musician, and those artists continue to influence what I do and put out for people."

Kandace is currently on tour with the incomparable Gregory Porter. Make sure you catch her now at Anthology, because after her new album "Soul Eyes" drops in July this star will be hard to catch. Come hear the new songs from her pending Bluenote release, Springs says - “I would like to be known as one of the younger people that are keeping jazz and soul alive and vibrant. I love the realness of jazz and soul.” We can't wait.

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