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Tonight! Lazlo Hollyfeld and Ocular Panther with Chameleon Project


Flour City Station
170 East Ave 14604 Rochester United States
Galaxy Diamond Presents

Lazlo Hollyfeld (Buffalo, NY)
w/ Ocular Panther (Rochester, NY)
& Chameleon Project (Toronto, Canada)

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Flour City Station
170 East Ave. Rochester, NY




Lazlo Hollyfeld, purveyors of the annual Night Lights Music Festival, formed in the winter of 2003 in Buffalo, NY. The groups first release, 2004, "Our Universe Is Feeding" is a raw, one-take-recorded, instrumental journey spanning melodic happiness to lethargic, hypnotic rhythms. In late 2005, the group released, "The Pacer EP", which contains rock songs with a very electronic, soulful and moody feeling. The first track, "Everything You Know Is Gone" is almost breakbeat rock, with its uplifting changes leading to a guitar that screams echos. Th Pacer Ep then changes into something much different. With the heavily electro-inflected "Miss Hong", which then seamlessly blends into the title track, "The Pacer", The Pacer EP is sexy. Lazlo Hollyfeld followed this release with 2 long United States tours, highlighted by showing their faces @ sxsw, and two nights in a row @ The Boom Boom Room in San Francisco with Mike Clark and Robert Walters. In November 2007 finished recording the third release "Elimination", an energy packed album, with a 70's rock feel, while keeping the bands instrumental and harmonious sound in tact, only, with violence, and anger-driven instrumental themes. More recently, Lazlo Hollyfeld has shared the stage with Tortoise, Mogwai, Bonobo, The Rapture, Holy Fuck, to name a few. The fourth album is called "Desert", a post-rock-electro concept album of sorts. Release date was May 29th, 2010. Lazlo Hollyfeld is currently recording and playing.


"Ocular Panther is bold; a brash and brilliant example of ethereal pursuit with organic tools. They have melded music from different genres, eras, and approaches to create a new contagion of danceable ambiance and rock grit. Some of the songs exhibit a protracted intro to their varied grooves that grow from a standard hook into a kind of epiphany. It smacks smooth and gloriously disjointed."

-Frank De Blasé, Rochester City Newspaper

"Ocular Panther’s sound doesn’t so much caress and cajole the listener as it stalks that listener like prey through a jungle that sounds like it erupted from the mind of Salvador Dali. Essentially dance music, the band’s sound employs electro grooves as if they were the obvious basis for a brand of outer-space funk. The music is sinewy and menacing. A blend of world beat, European electro, and a futuristic marriage of both laid the basis for the virtuosic interplay of the musicians, who managed to take what was essentially dance music into some deeply interesting places. Ocular Panther seems to have no trouble crafting music that moves with purpose and forward motion, avoiding the pitfalls of lazy static repetition. Which is to say, this is music that you can dance to, analyze, or simply lose yourself within with equal ease."

-Jeff Miers, The Buffalo News


Like the chromatophoric creature that gives the band its name, Chameleon Project (CP) effortlessly changes colours and taking dub, jazz, disco, funk and psychedelia, to outer space and back, creating a completely original musical experience — rich with heavy bass, daring improvisations and mind-bending tonal colours. Torchbearers of Toronto’s thriving livetronica scene built by groups such as The New Deal, CP takes it to the next level with their third full-length record Funk ‘n’ Space.

Based in Toronto and led by fearlessly creative guitarist Josh Laing and bassist/producer Snappy Homefry, Chameleon Project has steadily built a following in its home city, across Canada and beyond for over a decade. Known and appreciated as instigators of the local live jam, fusion and electronica scenes, CP has hosted and shared the stage with heavyweights within its ecosystem such as: The New Deal, Lotus, Bassnectar, Charlie Hunter, Keller Williams, EOTO, Dub Trio, DJ Shadow, Garaj Mahal and Biodiesel. Their festival and touring resume includes Camp Bisco (Mariaville, NY), Evolve (Antigonish, NS), Freedom Festival, Illumination Festival and the NuJazz Festival (Toronto), along with hundreds of club dates in Canada and the eastern United States; performing for for audiences numbering in the thousands. Extensive touring of the northeast U.S. and eastern Canada is planned throughout 2016.