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Psoas 101 with Tyler


Tru Yoga Rochester
696 South Ave 14620 Rochester United States
The Psoas muscle (pronounced "so-as") is a deep muscle in our bodies that is responsible for a lot, including structural balance, flexibility, strength and joint mobility. It's the only muscle to connect the spine to the legs, spanning from the lumbar vertebrae, through the core, the pelvis and attaching to the top of the femur (thigh) bone. It's what holds us upright and the what allows us to lift our legs to walk.

In this workshop, we'll get familiar with our psoas, learning ways to stretch and strengthen it and why both are important. We'll also explore the deeper connection of the muscle to our emotional well-being. To close, we'll end with a deep, feel-good restorative release. All levels welcome!

Cost: $25